Have you considered making St.Lucia part of your retirement plan? Apart from the warm, sunny climate, golden sandy beaches, friendly people, stable government, stable economy, beautiful scenery, year round beautiful weather, 2 world class marinas, championship 18 hole golf course, healthy cuisine, many activities and a landscape which takes the breath away, St.Lucia is simply beautiful.retire in St.Lucia

St.Lucia has a very relaxed way of life and comparable to many first world countries for facilities and service. A comparable standard of living for medical requirements and a healthy living environment with a tropical selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Isn't it time you had your slice of paradise? isn't it time you left the cold weather, the grey skies, the flu seasons, the congestions and the high prices behind. With excellent communications and most major airlines, keeping in contact with friends and family is no longer an issue. Live life to the full and make St.Lucia your retirement location.

At Retire St.Lucia, our staff are here to help you with any questions or queries you may have. We can help you plan a vacation to St.Lucia to see if St.Lucia is right for your retirement. So give us a call or send us an email and start making St.Lucia your Retirement paradise.

Making the decision to Retire to St.Lucia is not an easy one to make, yet alone deciding on which property to buy or what location to build. It is important to get as much information as possible concerning St.Lucia. The weather plays an important factor in Retiring to St.Lucia. The year round sunshine, the many beaches, friendly people and laid back lifestyle are also contributing factors to a St.Lucia Retirement. Sulphur Springs, in Soufriere, with the therapeutic volcanic mineral rich waters are also considered to help heal many ailments. The tranquil, peaceful settings in the South of St.Lucia, with tropical rainforests and dramatic, stunning, panoramic views across St.Lucia are all part of the magic of this paradise island of St.Lucia.

With international access to almost any part of the globe, St.Lucia is within reach of Europe, Canada and USA, making frequent visits from family and friends as simple as booking a direct flight. When you Retire to St.Lucia, trips home are just as simple so you are never far away from the grand kids. Modern telecommunications and Internet are available islandwide, with reliable, clean water and constant electricity. Come and see St.Lucia for yourself before deciding on where to Retire, you will see that St.Lucia is the ideal location for your retirement. Make St.Lucia part of your Retirement Plan. Contact us for your FREE St.Lucia Retirement Brochure.

  • St.Lucia Retirement Activities
    Retire to St.Lucia not from life. Half and full day sight seeing trips along our beautiful coastline. Enjoy day & evening trips with A sea view of our "mystic isle" St. Lucia
  • Palm Haven Hotel is a charming Oasis conveniently located off the Castries-Gros Islet highway in the north of St. Lucia.
  • St.Lucia Retirement and Vacation Villas
    More than an authentic St. Lucian experience, The Landings St. Lucia is the perfect reflection of true luxury to enjoy your St.Lucia Retirement.
  • St.Lucia Retirement Villa
    Buying a Home in St.Lucia has never been easier. St.Lucia is a great place to build a home for your retirement. A St.Lucia vacation home or a St.Lucia Retirement Villa.
  • activities for St.Lucia Retirement
    Places to visit when you retire to St.Lucia. Pigeon Island is a St.Lucian National Landmark and heralded as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucias history.
  • activities for St.Lucia Retirement
    Trim's National Riding Academy promises horseback riding in a way you never have before, because riding with us is truly fun and adventurous when you retire to St.Lucia.

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